“The Pmarca Guide to Startups” are a series of posts of Marc Andreessen who among others co-authored Mosaic.

They date from June 25 2007 to August 30 2007 and still contain very interesting thoughts about, well… startups.

The titles and links follow:

1) Why not to do a startup
2) When the VCs say “no”
3) “But I don’t know any VCs!”
4) The only thing that matters
5) The Moby Dick theory of big companies
6) How much funding is too little? Too much?
7) Why a startup’s initial business plan doesn’t matter that much
8 )Hiring, managing, promoting, and firing executives
9) How to hire a professional CEO

Part 4 is definitely a must read.

Also check out Paul Graham’s Why to Not Not start a startup.

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