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Newsletter: August 2016                                                       

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Mark Weiner, CEO, PRIME Research Americas
Taking over the global software market with Technopolis Cluster

The Technopolis Thessaloniki organized an event to announce the launch of the “Technopolis Cluster” – “lndustry Led Software Development Cluster of Thessaloniki”.

The “Technopolis Cluster” has 31 founding members, including DataScouting. In detail, the Technopolis Cluster comprises of 23 highly dynamic ICT companies, four leading Academic and Research Organizations, the Association of ICT Business of Northern Greece, two innovation consultancy companies and an IPR expert office.

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"As analytics progress, media intelligence will become a key component of overall business intelligence": Q/A with Douglas Chapin, CEO, CyberAlert LLC
Douglas Chapin, CEO at CyberAlert LLC, shares in this post his views on why brands need predictive analytics and what is contributing to this evolution, describes in which way does the rise of being data-driven affect media monitoring and visualization tools, explains how the increasing blend of data and software is affecting the relationship between media intelligence and business intelligence and comments on what he sees as the biggest obstacle that keeps sentiment analysis from reaching its true potential.
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AMEC International Summit on Measurement 2016
We went, we listened, we learned

Like every year, the AMEC International Summit on Measurement does not cease to amaze us. This year’s theme “Making Metrics Matter: Taking Measurement Mainstream” highlighted why metrics are imperative to success and how to make measurement relevant to any company or organization.  Leld in London (15-16, June), the 8th AMEC International Summit on Measurement scored the highest ever number of attendees and speakers.

Here are the three takeaways that made the AMEC Summit so very special to us:

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"One of the most challenging issues in moving from one ILS to another was for the Library staff to come in terms with the new working environment of the system": Q/A with Filippos Kolovos, Software Systems Analyst & Engineer, Library & Info Centre, University of Macedonia

Filippos Kolovos, Software Systems Analyst & Engineer at the Library & Information Centre of the University of Macedonia outlines in this post the information systems used by the Library, outlines his experiences of migrating from commercial to open source code, shares his most challenging migration and its benefits for the Library and describes the toughest problem he has solved so far.
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Join us at FIBEP MITT 

We are happy to participate in the Media Intelligence & Technology Talks (MITT) in Vienna on the 8th of September. The MITT is organized by FIBEP, the world’s largest association for media intelligence and communications insight.

MITT is targeted to entrepreneurs, start-ups, technology media monitors, social media monitors and many more. PhD Stavros Vologiannidis, Founder of DataScouting and Sophia Karakeva, CMO, will attend the event. Stavros will have a presentation about the technologies that support logo detection.

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AMEC Measurement Month, September 2016
Start planning now

AMEC’s Measurement Month is a global programme of activities to spotlight attention on the importance of PR measurement. It’s a simple idea which benefits members, clients and the industry by putting measurement on a world stage. And any AMEC member, irrespective of size, can take part!

Measurement Month is filled with free to attend events, webinars, executive discussions, podcasts, workshops and much more, focusing on filling the gap between understanding the value of PR measurement and doing something about it.

Measurement Month has already won the support of leading professionals. Here is what they say

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