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Newsletter: June 2023                                                            

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Natural Language Processing and why it is important for media intelligence

In the era of information overload, media intelligence is crucial for organizations to navigate the vast landscape of news, social media, and digital content. With the rapid growth of data and the need for efficient analysis, organizations are increasingly turning to technology solutions to make sense and extract meaningful insights and actionable information from unstructured text. Natural Language Processing (NLP) has emerged as a powerful technology that enables organizations to process, understand, and derive valuable insights from textual data.

NLP is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on the interaction between computers and human language. NLP algorithms are designed to understand, analyze, and generate natural language text, enabling machines to comprehend and respond to human language patterns. It encompasses various tasks such as text classification, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, topic modeling, machine translation, and more.

Scale your media intelligence with conversational agents

In today’s fast-paced digital era, the volume and complexity of media content have reached unprecedented heights. As a result, the need for effective media intelligence and conversational agents has become more crucial than ever.

Modern media intelligence platforms utilize sophisticated techniques such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and sentiment analysis to comprehend and categorize media content. By monitoring news articles, tv and radio, online, social media posts, and other OSINT sources, these systems enable businesses, organizations, government bodies, in-house communication teams, and others to gain real-time insights, track trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Building business value through talent

The way companies think about talent is key to their ability to build growth. And we often hear companies saying that people are their most important asset but for us it the “right people”. We often take part in recruitment events as in-person interactions with potential candidates are very important and help improve the quality of future hires…not to mention that we prefer a personal, face-to-face touch.  So recently we participated in four different events: TechSaloniki 2023, TechPro Academy 1st Bootcamp, Hackathon Serres #5, AUTH Career Days 2023. 

FIBEP Tech Advisory Commission Webinar

The FIBEP Tech Advisory Commission (aka TAC) webinar was a success: 27 participants joined the online event yesterday.

Carlos Alfredo Diaz, GlobalNews Group & FIBEP Vice President for Technology, and Alessandro Cederle, TVEyes Business Development Lead for Europe and Chair of the Commission, opened the meeting introducing the framework of the Technical Advisory Commission (TAC) that was established 2 years ago.  

The first showcased initiative was the new Tech Directory which was presented by David Wynne from Ruepoint. Ludivine Plessy (Keep Contact) summed up the diligent work that went into the tech glossary created by TAC. Rune Kleveland from Opoint showcased the usage of a JSON Standard to allow content interchange among FIBEP members. We are proud of our Ioakeim James Theologou, who is part of the Data Exchange team contributing to this project. 

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New AMEC Paper Released “Setting the agency agenda in measurement and evaluation”

Members of the AMEC Public Relations Agency Working Group have developed a paper with the goal to promote measurement and evaluation best practices throughout the public relations agency sector. 

The paper contains perspectives of the contributors who are all members of AMEC’s Agency special interest group looking at areas of innovation in public relations evaluation and measurement, including: Jonny Bentwood reports on the dissonance between tools sold by technology vendors and the requirements of agency practitioners. This research was conducted in 2022 as part of a project run by the AMEC Tech Hub Special Interest Group, chaired at that time by DataScouting's Sophia Karakeva, CCO. The results were presented by Jonny and Sophia at the 2022 AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation in Vienna.

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