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Newsletter: February 2024                                                            

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Integrating media intelligence software solutions in agencies: maximizing impact

Good validated information is what drives the right strategic decisions that turn well defined actions into desirable outcomes. No surprise that PR and communication agencies are increasingly turning to sophisticated media intelligence software solutions to harness the power of data. Such tools serve as indispensable assets, empowering agencies to navigate the complex landscape of media, make sense out of unstructured data, retrieve and archive information, understand audience sentiments, manage crisis situations, master in brand storytelling and craft impactful strategies and communication campaigns. Integrating media intelligence software into agency workflows not only enhances efficiency but also amplifies the ability to deliver targeted and resonant campaigns.

Let’s dive in and discover how integrating a MediaScouting platform can transform the way you work.

Maximizing TV Monitoring with AI: enhancing efficiency and accuracy

As the volume of content across TV channels continues to grow, traditional methods of monitoring have become increasingly inadequate. However, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence has ushered in a new era of TV monitoring, offering unparalleled capabilities in content analysis, compliance tracking, operational efficiency, innovative and immersive experiences for users.

At DataScouting we apply AI for media intelligence. We leverage AI-based automation to derive and massively scale real-time insights from TV broadcasts and handle the increasing volume of data.

Our MediaScouting Broadcast platform is enriched with AI modules, including machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, computer vision, and data analytics. The aim is to offer our clients and partners the tools/features they need to streamline their operation and improve user experience.

FIBEP Copyright Talks 2024

The FIBEP 2024 Copyright Talks will take place on 22 March in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The event is hosted by FIBEP member, Klipping. The agenda includes discussions on exclusive deals, legal responses, updates from the European Court of Justice, and collaborative efforts with PDLN and AMEC to tackle industry challenges and seize opportunities for market preservation and innovation.
2024 AMEC Global Summit Venue Confirmed

The 2024 AMEC Global Summit will be held at the beautiful Grand Hotel Millennium, Sofia, Bulgaria. AMEC has negotiated special Summit room rates for delegates, with extended opportunity to stay between Tuesday 21 May to Friday 24 May. 

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