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Newsletter: February 2023                                                            

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StreetScouting: a GRUBLES platform for smart cities

StreetScouting is a platform developed by DataScouting for the GRUBLES project that uses state-of-the-art Machine Vision methods to automatically detect and geotag urban features from street-level data.The platform is able to detect and track urban features, reducing the gap between a fully automatic and manual detection approach.StreetScouting consists of five modules that communicate with each other. The proposed platform is currently running as a web application on multiple servers and consists of a microservice architecture that enables portability and scalability.

Exploring the intersection of Media Intelligence and Web3.0: opportunities and challenges

The internet is constantly evolving and the arrival of Web3.0 promises to bring about significant changes to the way we interact with technology and consume information. Media intelligence, the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from various media sources, is also undergoing a transformation as a result of these advancements. How media intelligence and Web3.0 intersect, and what are the opportunities and challenges presented by these emerging technologies?

Supporting the TechPro Academy Bootcamp

The TechPro Academy Bootcamp kicked off on 13 February and it welcomed 25 students. We are happy to support the 1st Tech Pro Full Stack Bootcamp that will run for 3 months and includes reskilling and upskilling training on technical & soft skills designed by companies, like DataScouting, to absorb STEM graduates in the sector of IT/Technology.

FIBEP 2023 Copyright Talks 

FIBEP will host the 2023 Copyright Talks in Prague, Friday, 17 March. The event is hosted by Newton Media and will be held at the Dox Centre for Contemporary Art.

The event is moderated by Christophe Dickès, FIBEP VP Copyright, and Global Media and Copyright Director at Onclusive.

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2023 AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation

The 2023 AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation will be held as an in-person event in Miami, Florida from May 15-17. DataScouting is happy to be a Gold Sponsor of the 2023 AMEC Summit. 

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