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Newsletter: April 2024                                                            

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The Significance of Mathematics in Advancing Deep Learning and Machine Learning

In Machine Learning, the relentless pursuit of systems learning from data for real-world challenges is evident. From identifying toxic flowers to fostering coherent conversations, Machine Learning's potential is vast. Mathematics underpins this, from converting data to numerical formats to shaping Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). Let's explore with Elisavet Karapalidou, our Junior Data Scientist, the mathematical foundations driving innovation in this dynamic field.

Maximizing TV Monitoring with AI: enhancing efficiency and accuracy

AI revolutionizes TV monitoring, providing superior content analysis, compliance tracking, and operational efficiency. At DataScouting, we harness AI for media intelligence, automating real-time insights from TV broadcasts at scale.

Our MediaScouting Broadcast platform is enriched with AI modules, including machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, computer vision, and data analytics. The aim is to offer our clients and partners the tools/features they need to streamline their operation and improve user experience.

Beyond Expo 2024 – exhibiting DataScouting GLAMsphere

We participated in the Beyond Expo 2024 that took place from the 25th until the 27th of April at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition and Congress Center. This year’s theme was The Age of AI: Unlocking Potential.

As an exhibitor we showcased the solutions and products that we offer to Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM). DataScouting delivers tools to assist the GLAM sector in opening up information, make collections FAIR Standards compliant, providing a new approach to information discovery, preservation, and management by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions.

We attended the 2024 FIBEP Tech Day in London
We attended the FIBEP Tech Day 2024 that took place on Friday, 26th of April in London. Stavros Vologiannidis, the Founder of DataScouting, was a speaker and he talked about “Data Fusion and Data Augmentation in Media Intelligence”. In his presentation Stavros presented DataScouting’s MediaScouting Core platform with use cases, data augmentation modules and generative AI integration. 

With our media intelligence platforms we empower media monitoring companies to optimize workflows, build intelligence databases, and share content efficiently. With our dashboards, PR and media organizations can present content, visualize analytics, and generate reports effortlessly.

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AMEC European Chapter hosted a round table on the Use of Automation and AI in PR Measurment

Industry leaders from AMEC member companies convened in a roundtable conversation to discuss the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in media analytics. The event was hosted by AMEC Board Directors Simon Gebauer (Observer Media) and Maya Koleva (Commetric), with coordination from AMEC EU Chapter Co-chair Sophia Karakewa (DataScouting).

The roundtable special guests were Alicja Bors (Ruepoint), Nesin Veli (Identrics), Michal Hrones (Newton Media) and Stavros Vologiannidis (DataScouting). The open format invited contributions from the audience and open questions.

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