DataScouting completed a project of “historical importance” with the Municipal Library of Kozani

“Koventarios” Municipal Library of Kozani (KMLK)

DataScouting completed the project of inventory, cataloguing and transfer of the “Koventarios” Municipal Library of Kozani (KMLK), one of the most important, historic libraries in Greece and in the Balkans, which was founded in the second half of the 17th century.

The project was particularly demanding and included the following:
Organizing library reshelving: the study for the library organization and shelving of the items and books in the new building was done taking into consideration the amount of the books and their special characteristics.
Cataloguing of books that belong to the Modern Collection and Collection of Rare Books.
Inventory of books, newspapers, journals, audiovisual material and archives: An in-house software was developed by the DataScouting team in order to monitor the inventory process and run quality control for each item.
Crosschecking Library’s acquisitions with the Print Catalogues of N.P. Delialis and Stella Psarianos
Packing of registered items and objects of the Archaeological Collection of the Museum that will be housed in the new building.
Transfer and reshelving of the material in the new building according to the relevant study.

“We are especially happy that the project of inventory, cataloguing and transfer of the Koventarios Municipal Library of Kozani has been completed with huge success. The project was especially demanding and was materialized following the best practices in cooperation with the members of the KMLK and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Kozani. The rare treasure of the Library will now be hosted in the new building in a way that it will elevate even more its historical significance,” said Mrs Afrodite Malliari, Library and Information Systems Manager at DataScouting and head of the project.

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