DataScouting underatakes a project at the Vikelaia Municipal Library

Vikelaia Municipal Library of the Heraklion Municipality

Vikelaia Municipal Library of the Heraklion Municipality. ©2016 All rights reserved.

The Municipality of Heraklion in Crete assigned to DataScouting the cataloguing, classification and physical description of items of the Vikelaia Municipal Library as well as their import into the Library’s ILS.

The Vikelaia Library is named after the famous scholar Demetrius Vikelas, who donated his personal library to the Municipal of Heraklion in 1908. The treasure of the Vikelaia Library includes other donations of books and precious archival material, such as that of Maro and Giorgos Seferis, famous poet, awarded with the Nobel Prize in Literature. The project concerns the cataloguing of 7000 titles of books from those two donations of Vikelas and Seferis.

Having extensive experience from similar projects with Academic and Municipal Libraries, DataScouting and its experienced team provides for the promotion of books of historical significance and with its services contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage.

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