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About Sophia Karakeva

Sophia has a 20+ years of experience in the media monitoring and analysis industry. She holds a PhD in Mass Communication and Journalism and speaks four languages. Sophia is a conceptual media thinker, communication believer, marketing digger and an@lysis enthusiast. She is the CCO at DataScouting. In the past, Sophia served as FIBEP Vice President and Member of the Board and was member of the AMEC International Board of Directors.
Hackathon Serres 5_Proud Sponsor_DataScouting

Hackathon Serres 5 – Proud Sponsor

Hackathon Serres is back again and we are happy to be, once again, a sponsor. The 5th series  of Hackathon Serres,  6-7 May, is organized by Serres Tech Community and the Department of Computer, Info...
2023 AMEC Global Summit_DataScouting_Gold Sponsor_Join us

2023 AMEC Global Summit – Proud Gold Sponsor

We are happy to be, once again, a Gold Sponsor of this year’s AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation. The 2023 AMEC Global Summit will be held in Miami, from 15 to 17 May. DataScouting has ...
2023 FIBEP Tech Day_Italy, Rome_DataScouting attending

FIBEP Tech Day 2023 – speaking in Rome

We will be attending the FIBEP Tech Day 2023, taking place on the 21st of April in Rome. Tom Avramis and Stavros Vologiannidis will be in Rome looking forward to meeting with fellow members, connecti...
Supporting the TechPro Academy Bootcamp

Supporting the TechPro Academy Bootcamp

The TechPro Academy Bootcamp kicked off on 13 February and it welcomed 25 students. We are happy to support the 1st Tech Pro Full Stack Bootcamp that will run for 3 months and includes reskilling and...
GRUBLES_StreetScouting platform by DataScouting

StreetScouting: a GRUBLES platform for smart cities

StreetScouting is a platform developed by DataScouting for the GRUBLES project that uses state-of-the-art Machine Vision methods to automatically detect and geotag urban features from street-level da...