About Sophia Karakeva

Sophia has a 19-year experience in the media monitoring and analysis industry, while she is currently a Vice President of FIBEP (world’s media intelligence federation), and a member of the AMEC/FIBEP joint Content and Copyright Group. She holds a PhDr in Mass Communication and Journalism and speaks four languages. Sophia is a conceptual media thinker, communication believer, marketing digger and an@lysis enthusiast.
Stavros Vologiannidis, DataScouting in an interview with FIBEP about COVID-19 post lockdown strategy

COVID-19: Strategy for a post-lockdown world

COVID-19 demands global cooperation and support. In an attempt to give a response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, FIBEP is providing all FIBEP members with best-practice examples and learnin...
RFID & OpenABEKT: νέο project καινοτομίας

RFID & OpenABEKT: νέο project καινοτομίας

Η DataScouting καινοτομεί υλοποιώντας τεχνολογίες RFID στη Δημόσια Κεντρική Βιβλιοθήκη Κόνιτσας H DataScouting εκσυγχρονίζει τη Δημόσια Κεντρική Βιβλιοθήκη Κόνιτσας με την προμήθεια εξοπλισμού ολοκλη...
SDL and DataScouting sign partner agreement

SDL and DataScouting sign partner agreement

We’re happy to announce that we have signed a partner agreement with SDL, the intelligent language and content company. The partnership will enable DataScouting to integrate the SDL Machine Tra...
News Insight-best fit solution for news monitoring

News monitoring: best-fit solution with News Insight

Οur MediaScouting Suite comes with News Insight, a complete solution for news monitoring from print, online, social media, TV and Radio. News Insight is an ideal solution for media monitoring compani...
FaceScouting-efficient face detection

Face detection and recognition with FaceScouting

We’re happy to introduce our FaceScouting software solution for efficient face detection and recognition. FaceScouting is an innovative software solution for face detection and recognition in v...
DataScouting-Proud sponsor of AMEC Virtual Global Summit 2020

AMEC Virtual Summit 2020 – Proud sponsor

We are thrilled to be a Sponsor of the AMEC Virtual Global Summit 2020, taking place on July 8 and 9. The professional development programme focuses on 20/20 Foresight: Measurement Frameworks, Myths ...