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About Sophia Karakeva

Sophia has a 20+ years of experience in the media monitoring and analysis industry. She holds a PhD in Mass Communication and Journalism and speaks four languages. Sophia is a conceptual media thinker, communication believer, marketing digger and an@lysis enthusiast. She is the CCO at DataScouting. In the past, Sophia served as FIBEP Vice President and Member of the Board and was member of the AMEC International Board of Directors.
TechSaloniki Live Episode #2_DataScouting

TechSaloniki Live Episode #2

H Tech καριέρα που ψάχνετε έρχεται Live στην οθόνη σας. Συντονιστείτε μαζί μας για μια Live HR συζήτηση στο πλαίσιο του Live Episode #2 που διοργανώνει το TechSaloniki, την Παρασκευή, 22 Οκτωβρίου στ...
2nd Thessaloniki Design Week_Happy Sponsor

2nd Thessaloniki Design Week – Happy Sponsor

We are happy to be a sponsor of the 2nd Thessaloniki Design Week, taking place from 13 to 17 October. The event this year is organized under the main theme of Innovation in Design. The 2nd ThessDW is...
AMEC Tech Hub Special Interest Group

AMEC Tech Hub Special Interest Group

AMEC runs several special interest groups. One of them is the Tech Hub, dedicated to technology. This SIG has launched with an exclusive basecamp group (over 50 members) providing collaboration, netw...
Making media monitoring work for government bodies

Making media monitoring work for government bodies

Media monitoring is an increasingly important government service for any local, state or federal department. DataScouting, as a media monitoring software provider, is working with several government ...
AMEC Summit 2021_badge session on Machine Learning

Machine Learning in Measurement and Evaluation

AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation 2021 – Badge Session  As part of its programme, the AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation 2021 hosted a number of on-demand sessions....
AI inteview series_Christina Tzogka

Human-in-the-loop in Machine Learning

Series of mini-interviews about Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is essential in analyzing the massive volumes of data, now available, and convert them into actionable information, kno...
AMEC Global Summit 2021_DataScouting_Gold Sponsor

AMEC Global Summit 2021 – Proud Gold Sponsor

We are happy to be, once again, a Gold Sponsor of the AMEC Global Summit 2021. The AMEC Global Measurement and Evaluation Summit is a two-day professional development program, for attendees from arou...
FIBEP Tech Day 2021-Proud Sponsor

FIBEP Tech Day 2021 – Proud Sponsor

We will be attending the FIBEP Tech Day 2021. The event will be held in virtual format on the 21st of May, from 1pm to 5pm CET time. Tech Day is an annual one-day event that FIBEP organizes exclusive...