Public Central Library of Larissa: installation, customization and enrichment of the DSpace Digital Repository successfully completed

The scientific team of DataScouting successfully carried out the project for the installation, customization and enrichment of the Digital Repository DSpace in the Public Central Library of Larissa.

The main objective of the project was the development of a digital repository information system, structured in accordance with the Dublin Core international digital documentation description standard as well as fully compatible with the “Good Practices and Specifications of Interoperability and Quality for the Online Distribution of Digital Cultural Content” and the  “Basic interoperability specifications for the inclusion of collections in the National Aggregator of Digital Cultural Resources” of the National Documentation and Electronic Content Centre.

A digital repository is a digital archive in which the products of the historical and cultural heritage of the library are preserved. With the implementation of the projects, each library ensures:

  • the promotion of the invaluable historical and cultural heritage while promoting and enhancing its research and historical prestige;
  • free from economic and legal barriers open access to a large amount of historical and documented information;
  • the reduction of the search time for the desired information resulting in its faster, easier and more qualitative recovery from the wider community and the research public;
  • the long-term preservation of priceless historical and cultural value collections.

Public Central Library of Larissa_digital repository DSpace

It is worth noting that in this installation, an online environment for the allocation of multimedia digital resources was implemented by the scientific team, compatible with the IIIF Image API 2.1.1, which ensures the optimal user experience.

In parallel with the development of the digital repository, its enrichment was also completed. Specifically, the Public Central Library of Larissa made the transition and documented 1,334 records, which correspond to approximately 500,000 digital files, from the already existing, digitized collections.

DataScouting has completed similar projects in a number of public and academic libraries, like recently at the Public Historical Library of Zagora).

Since 2015, DataScouting has a dedicated department for Libraries, Archives and Museums. Following the very latest technologies and implementing innovative solutions DataScouting provides Libraries and Information Centers, Archives and Museums with tools to empower both staff and users.

Our solutions and services help organizations and institutions to make their collections accessible to the world and preserve the cultural heritage through interoperability with cultural content aggregators, such as Europeana and SearchCulture. The tools we develop, enrich information and digital content, using optical character recognition, AR & VR technologies, unified search capabilities and enhanced viewing software.

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