New project of retrospective cataloging of bibliographic records

DataScouting undertook the second project of the retrospective cataloging of bibliographic records at the Public Historical Library of Zagora following the successful implementation of the first project.

The scope of the retrospective cataloging project is the supply of 12.000 bibliographic records structured according to the UNIMARC implementation standard, which will be created in ILS Koha and will enrich the library bibliographic catalog. The bibliographic records will describe an equal number of items, both bibliographic and thematic.

The bibliographic description of the items will be done according to the descriptive cataloging rules of AACR2 and the bibliographic description standards, while the thematic description will be completed according to the Dewey decimal classification system (DDC) and the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

The Library of Zagora was founded in 1762. Its main and effective contributors to the foundation are two great personalities of Zagora; the friendly and hospitable Ioannis Prigos, and Ecumenical Patriarch Kallinikos III.

Today, more than 20.000 books, and about 3.500 rare books are housed in a building owned by the Municipality of Zagora, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

New retrospective cataloging project of bibliographic records

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