2024 AMEC Global Summit – Proud Gold Sponsor

We are happy to be, once again, a Gold Sponsor of this year’s AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation. The 2024 AMEC Global Summit will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 21 to 23 May.

DataScouting has been an AMEC member since 2014. As a tech provider we offer AMEC members sophisticated PR dashboards and media intelligence software solutions to optimize their business workflow across broadcast media (TV, Radio, podcasts, IP audiovisual streams), social and online media, print. As an AMEC member we are proud sponsors of all AMEC Global Summits.

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About the 2024 AMEC Global Summit on Measurement

The 2024 AMEC Global Summit theme is Innovation, Implementation and Insights: The Global Communication, Data, Measurement and Evaluation Journey. The two full day summit programme includes:

  • 50+ sessions: the perfect blend of visionary keynotes, interactive panel discussions, fireside chats and lightning rounds.
  • 60+ speakers, academics, brands, industry partners: hear from H+K Strategies, Nissan, Microsoft, Shell, AstraZeneca, Ketchum, Ipsos, Echo Research, IPR, Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI), and more.
  • Unique networking opportunities: Speed Networking, moderated delegate lunches to connect and spart good conversations, sponsored drinks and a celebration dinner reception.
  • Exhibition area: network with sponsors to review emerging technology solutions.

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Unlocking Strategic Insights: Data Fusion and AI for Media Intelligence

Stavros Vologiannidis, Co-Founder of DataScouting will be speaking on the 23rd of May. His presentation is tailored for PR agencies and communication specialists seeking to elevate their media intelligence capabilities. Delve into the transformative potential of data fusion, AI augmentation and LLMs, designed to empower professionals in navigating today’s dynamic media landscape. Stavros will explain how the synergy of diverse data sources, data ownership, and advanced analytics can unveil deeper insights, enabling more informed decision-making and strategic communication planning. Join Stavros on Wednesday, 23rd of March at 12:00 EEST, to discover cutting-edge approaches that redefine the boundaries of media analysis and elevate your competitive edge in the industry.

Unlocking Strategic Insights: Data Fusion and AI for Media Intelligence_Vologiannidis

Top reasons why to visit our booth at the 2024 AMEC Global Summit

The AMEC Global Summit embraces technology, and delegates will be able to explore best practices across the communications funnel, including innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Stavros and Sophia will be at the Summit Venue, the Grand Hotel Millenium, from Tuesday until Thursday, 21-23 May. You are welcome to visit our booth at the exhibition area in the Second Floor Foyer and discuss your needs. Stavros and Sophia will demonstrate you how you can stream-line your media monitoring workflow using our MediaScouting Core with a robust media intelligence dashboard.

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Multi-platform content delivery

MediaScouting Core is a robust, automated one place source with everything you need to know from content marketing to competitor intelligence to help you get a real-time understanding of your brand’s media intelligence ecosystem. All insights are backed by smart data so that you can make smarter, actionable decisions. So, when evaluating the best dashboard for your business you should make sure it offers some must-have features.

  • Includes Broadcast, Online, Social, and Print data in a single dashboard.
  • Search and identify content of interest using speech recognition, face/logo recognition or any other AI modules from DataScouting.
  • Work with content from multiple languages using machine translation.
  • Use modules, such as entity recognition to find relationships across content.
  • Drill down to information using content visualizations.
  • Create reports using customizable profiles.
  • Schedule customizable automated email reports and alerts.
  • Share data via RSS, Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other integrations.

Your Trusted Partner in Tailoring your Media Intelligence Software and AI Pipeline

DataScouting is a software research and development company, specialized in media intelligence solutions for communicators, public relations and all involved in the research and analytics industry.

Our media intelligence platforms minimize time and effort needed to search and find actionable information across all media – broadcast, online, social, and print. Using text analytics and automatic classification, speech and optical character recognition, ad monitoring, logo and face detection, we help media monitoring companies and organizations streamline their workflow, create a database of media intelligence information, and share content. Our dashboards allow PR and media monitoring organizations to present content, visualize analytics, and create reports.

  • Dashboard: multi-platform content delivery based on your needs and workflows.
  • News Monitoring: identify relevant news quickly, using OCR, speech recognition, close caption extraction, news ticker extraction;
  • Ad monitoring: track and annotate advertisements;
  • Data augmentation: logo and face recognition, digital on-screen graphic recognition;
  • Text analytics: automatic machine translation, automatic sentiment analysis, automatic summarization.

Tailoring your Media Intelligence Software and AI Pipeline

Check out all our media intelligence software solutions:

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