DataScouting proudly sponsors and moderates the #SNS at the #FIBEP #WMIC16


DataScouting is the proud sponsor and moderator of the Super Networking Session at the 48th FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress in Washington from 17 to 18 November. The SNS will take place on the 16th of November as part of the pre-congress Corporate Efficiency Workshop. More than 70 delegates have already signed up. The SNS is a great place to be to connect with FIBEP members and non-members, expand professional contacts, create partnerships and talk about media intelligence. In the especially arranged Dupond Ballroom A, participants will have 3 minutes for each 1-1 session with their “networking buddy”. DataScouting is sponsoring and moderating the SNS for a second consecutive time following the remarkable turnout at the WMI Congress in Vienna last year. Again this year, Sophia Karakeva, Marketing and Communications Executive at DataScouting and FIBEP Vice President will be moderating the SNS. The SNS is the right place to meet and partner. So, first of all, have fun! Second, don’t forget to bring lots of business cards. #LetsSNS

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