Face detection and recognition with FaceScouting

We’re happy to introduce our FaceScouting software solution for efficient face detection and recognition.

FaceScouting is an innovative software solution for face detection and recognition in video streams. FaceScouting guarantees great success rates maintaining low false positive results and minimizing the CPU and GPU resources needed. Just upload photos of faces and FaceScouting will automatically identify those people in the streams, pushing the results back to your application. Integration is accomplished via a RESTful API or SDK and can be used either as SaaS or as an on-premise installation.


  • Create a database of faces and identify them in video steams;
  • Versatile licensing for both SaaS and on premise installations;
  • Works with both live streams and video clips;
  • Ideal for news monitoring and awareness measurement in video streams.


  • Detects faces even in low resolution videos;
  • Scales linearly with the number of faces and the number of streams monitored;
  • Interaction with FaceScouting can be performed either directly by issuing HTTP calls to the API or by using one of our SDK libraries;
  • Its high availability architecture guarantees 24/7/365 both when used as SaaS or when installed on premise.

Schedule a demo to find how it can work for you.

FaceScouting-efficient face detection

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