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Newsletter: February 2021                                                            

Our regular e-newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with our work and all the latest developments in media intelligence, libraries, archives and museums, digital convergence, custom software & hardware, and research & development. 
Don't be afraid of change. Leveraging on new technology

We took a look at the most common questions PR professionals have regarding embracing new technology:

  • Which platform/solution should we invest in?
  • Should we build it or buy it?
  • How will it improve our work?
  • Will it really grow our business?
  • Will data privacy be preserved?

…and we tried to break down their resistance.

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DataScouting and SpeedLab talk about their joint DeepFinance project

DeepFinance is a research proposal that DataScouting, in partnership with SpeedLab GmbH, and the School of Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, submitted in late 2019. The proposal has been accepted, turning DeepFinance into a working project since mid-2020.

Co-financed by national funds (Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020/EPAnEK, and the National Strategic Reference Framework/NSRF), and EU funds (European Union, and the European Regional Development Fund), DeepFinance aims to develop a complete platform for semantic and sentiment analysis from social media streams using deep learning. This platform can be then used to further develop unified tools for financial portfolio management that can effectively fuse multi-modal information that is extracted from various sources (including social media streams).

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2020 in review: a difficult year... but not too bad

2020 was a difficult year and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic was not easy: the majority of events were cancelled, companies shut down, lost clients, performed poorly… but then we have the winds of change that enabled people to keep their jobs by working from home, we learned how to fix problems in a more innovative, adaptive and fast way, and we created new products and new solutions.

Taking a closer look at 2020, we have been quite active and met our goals, maybe in a greater scale than expected.

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FIBEP Follow Up Series
Can you hear me? Connecting and supporting your people in disconnected times

March 5th, 3pm CET Time
The pandemic continues to affect the wellbeing of our teams and we understand the struggles you are undergoing right now to keep them motivated and provide them with the support they need. As so many FIBEP members found a lot of great insight from the previous talk on maintaining a healthy, sustainable workplace at the FIBEP WMIC, we are bringing back mental health professionals Amy McKeown and Tom Oxley to discuss how best to connect and support our people in this disconnected time and help us answer how we can support ourselves and our colleagues. 

This special follow up session is sponsored by GlobalNews Group, and it is hosted by FIBEP. You can register directly by emailing to receive the meeting link. 
The Launch of the AMEC Mentoring Programme

AMEC has launched a mentoring programme, aiming to create serious change within the communications industry, to increase knowledge and improve best practice.

The programme which is led by AMEC board member James Crawford of PR Agency One, is launching with an expert panel of mentors who will make themselves available to support you and your organisation. 

This programme is aimed at senior decision makers within the PR industry, with an aim to shift the industry towards greater accountability and focus on better planning and measurement of commercial outcomes. 

This programme is for both the next generation of leaders and existing senior decision makers within the PR industry, with an aim to shift the industry towards greater accountability and focus on better planning for and measurement of commercial outcomes.

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