Cloud-based software – the right technology to stay agile and competitive

The reasons why to choose a cloud-based software are many, notably cost savings, increased productivity, speed and efficiency, performance, and security. DataScouting’s media monitoring software for broadcast, online, social, and print media is built for cloud (but depending on the use case, it can also be installed on premise).

What is like to be working with our cloud-based software, the MediaScouting Suite?

Technical innovation

  • Instant response;
  • Device and location independence: access to data from anywhere and any device;
  • Consolidate data and processes from multiple offices in multiple cities or even countries;
  • Allows you to simplify complex processes (that might otherwise require extensive investment and manpower);
  • Easy deployment: enables IT teams to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable demand.

Flexibility and user performance

  • Allows users to work remotely;
  • Minimal involvement from your IT team: we handle cloud infrastructure support and maintenance;
  • Measured service: performance is monitored;
  • Improved manageability.


  • Upscale your capacity to meet your evolving requirements;
  • Easier maintenance and support;
  • Broad network access: functions can be distributed over multiple locations;
  • Suitable for business continuity, disaster recovery and redundancy;
  • Wide geographic reach.

Data security

  • Keep data safe and accessible;
  • Improved security due to centralization of data.

Agility and competitiveness

  • Operate across international borders;
  • Social corporate responsibility: environmentally friendly;
  • On-demand availability;
  • Easy outsourcing of processes such as clipping, by using a detailed authorization and monitoring scheme and just by providing access to a web interface.

The MediaScouting platform combines leading-edge technology and human editorial tools to track company mentions, products, brands or competitors, and provides actionable information to make data-driven decisions. It is used is used by MMOs, PR and Ad companies, government bodies and other organizations for their daily media monitoring needs.

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MediaScouting-cloud based software solution by DataScouting

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