FIBEP panel: Post lockdown strategy – The media intelligence supplier perspective

On the 10th of September, FIBEP held a live panel titled “Post lockdown strategy; a success story? The Media Intelligence supplier perspective”, with Gopal Krishnan (Founder and Chairman, Ninestars), Ilia Krustev (CEO, A Data Pro) and Stavros Vologiannidis (Co-Founder, DataScouting) as panelists. The Live panel was hosted by the FIBEP Secretariat and it was moderated by Romina Gersuni, Vice President of FIBEP.

This panel focused on the industry and strategy side and panelists talked about economy and business. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to do some changes and this has translated into an accelerated future planning and decision making in a fast changing world. In other words: business as usual but on high speed.

Q: from your perspective, would you say that the lockdown accelerated the embracement of technology, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies? How can we expect these technologies to help MMOs streamline media and data?

Stavros: Covid-19 has had two different impacts on business sectors: it temporarily boosted some of them, like the gaming industry while it permanently accelerated other, such as cloud adoption and artificial intelligence. Clients want to have their data and infrastructure kept somewhere safe, in their own private cloud.  The will of end customers to use AI has accelerated during the pandemic. When it comes to blockchain technology, it is not there yet, when it comes to the media monitoring industry. But there are other quite interesting technologies, such as machine learning, that are worth exploring.

Q: We have seen topics like Infodemic or Black Lives Matter becoming causing world communication crisis. How would you say, predictors or tools for print detection can help MMOs to better serve our clients and what would you say your companies can offer in this regard?

Stavros: Such topics are very important but not easy to detect from a media monitoring perspective. And here is where machine learning adoption steps in. In order to do social media listening, or any kind of listening for such mega topics you need to adopt such technologies. The human in the loop approach trains better algorisms for doing topic detection and sentiment analysis.

Q: Publishers do not seem to fully understand the value of MMO services. From software perspective, is there a way we can prove this value to publishers and help this way build a bridge?

Stavros: As a software company we have had different requests from publishers: some use our software to do their archiving, optical character recognition or content extraction, while others have turned to us because they wanted to start their own media monitoring company.

Q: When it comes to your expectations in this post-lockdown time, what would you say worked best and what did not work?

StavrosJust at the beginning of the outbreak, our DataScouting  team started working from home, which was a very easy transition for us as we had the entire necessary infrastructure in place. And we still work from home, but we are flexible to whoever wants to return to the office. I also see great opportunities in this unfortunate time.

You can find the recording of this panel here along with the CVs of all three panelists

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FIBEP panel: Post lockdown strategy – The media intelligence supplier perspective

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