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Newsletter: April 2021                                                            

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TV Station Logo Recognition

As digital capabilities and experiences continue to grow the audience can choose from a variety of different channels and technologies to consume TV programs, with some having access to over 500 different channels.

Broadcasters use identifiers, called Digital On-Screen Graphic (DOG), in order to help people to identify the TV channel they are watching. It is a watermark-like station logo that most broadcasters overlay over a portion of the screen area of their programs to identify dedicated channels. DOGs are a form of permanent visual station identification, increasing brand recognition and asserting ownership of the video signal.

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Artificial Intelligence + Actionable Information = Actionable Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is essential in analyzing the massive volumes of data, now available, and converting them into actionable information, knowledge and insights.

We will feature three mini-interviews with Tom, Sophia, and Stavros with their perspective of Artificial Intelligence and its role related to ethics and trust, media intelligence, and core value proposition of AI tools for IT.

The first question goes to Tom Avramis, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of DataScouting.

Q: Why is Artificial Intelligence important and how can we build trust?

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DataScouting Broadcast Suite - New installation in Pakistan

DataScouting completed the installation of its Broadcast Media Intelligence Suite for a government organization in Pakistan. The Suite was installed on-premise and it is being used for analyzing selected inputs from more than 200 TV channels, and creating reports.

The government organization is using modules that were adjusted to their specific needs: Face Recognition, Speech Recognition, News ticker extraction, Digital on-screen graphic recognition, and Reporting. 

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FIBEP MIBE Interview Series
Technology & Growth
FIBEP has launched a new series of interviews, called “Exploring the Media Intelligence Business Ecosystem”, in which special guests discuss the basic pillars of this ecosystem.

The 2nd MIBE Interview was dedicated to Technology & Growth with Vladimir Petkov, CEO of Identrics, Casper Janns, CEO of Hypefactors, and Sophia Karakeva, FIBEP VP and CMO at DataScouting, as special guests to talk about what FIBEP is doing as an association about technology, and how can start-ups connect to the media intelligence industry.

The interview was moderated by moderated by Romina Gersuni (VP FIBEP and Global Strategy Manager at pressreleations), and was hosted by the FIBEP Secretariat.

AMEC Global Measurement and Evaluation Summit 2021
Virtual, May 26-27

We are proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the AMEC 2021 Global Summit and we look forward to attending and showcasing our Media Intelligence Software Solutions


The AMEC Virtual Global Summit on Measurement is a two-day professional development programme, for attendees from around the world. It is an opportunity to be immersed in best practice of communication measurement and evaluation, including research, analysis and actionable insights from a line-up of international speakers.

Delegates will explore best practices encompassing communication accountability: planning, purpose and proof.

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