DataScouting Broadcast Suite – New installation in Pakistan

DataScouting completed the installation of its Broadcast Media Intelligence Suite for a government organization in Pakistan. The Suite was installed on-premise and it is being used for analyzing selected inputs from more than 200 TV channels, and creating reports.

The government organization is using the following modules that were adjusted to their specific needs:

  • Face Recognition: it was trained to identify persons of interest appearing in TV streams.
  • Speech Recognition: it was parametrized to recognize the Urdu language with a minimal word error rate.
  • News ticker extraction: the module extracts and makes searchable news tickers that appear either at the bottom or at the top of the page. The news ticker extractor supports English and Urdu.
  • Digital on-screen graphic recognition: this a new module that was introduced by the DataScouting team, which automatically recognizes changes in TV stations logos.
  • Reporting: DataScouting’s powerful reporting engine was customized according to the specific preferences of the government organization.

The DataScouting Broadcast Media Intelligence Suite is a 24/7/365 turnkey solution for monitoring TV, Radio and IP audiovisual streams. It provides a robust and scalable platform for recording, archiving, indexing, retrieving and analyzing multimedia content originating from broadcast feeds in real time. The Suite combines leading-edge technology and human editorial tools to intelligently track interests and provide actionable information for data-driven decisions.

Installing the DataScouting Broadcast Suite in Pakistan

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