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Newsletter: December 2022                                                            

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Using AI for intelligent media monitoring

Technology has advanced to the point where we are employing AI-powered technologies to streamline tasks like media monitoring and crisis management. Generative AI systems have become extremely good at generating images, creating music and videos and composing text on almost any topic with impressive results.

Bot detection and their influence in content manipulation
Interview with Athena Vakali, Prof. at the Aristotle University, School of Informatics and head of Datalab

Since 2006, Twitter has become a kind of aggregator of information. But Twitter is likely never going to be the same again. Elon Musk has already implemented a raft of changes like dismissing half of the workforce, cutting off the content curation team and monetizing the verified blue tick. He also said he has the key to curbing twitter trolls and bots. To share more light into this we had a discussion with Athena Vakali, Prof. at the Aristotle University, School of Informatics and head of the Laboratory on Data and Web Science (Datalab) about bots, large-scale automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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A Heisenbug caused by Elastic's refresh mechanism

I was designing a few tests that validate the ingestion pipeline of DataScouting’MediaScouting Core. The test spins up an elastic container, created a test index and indexed some data. Then, my tests would run aggregations against the index and, after some post-processing on Elastic’s response, assert the results. The setup was very simple.

FIBEP Media Intelligence Podcast: New Episode - How to deal with Copyrights

In the 8th FIBEP Media Intelligence Explained episode hosts talk with Christophe Dickès, Global Media & Copyright Director, Onclusive about copyright in the media intelligence industry. Christophe explains why copyright is an important issue for media monitoring companies and stresses the importance for clients as well. He emphasizes on the role that media monitoring companies play when it comes to providing valuable insights to clients (organizations, institutions etc) and stresses the role that FIBEP plays by creating a fair market. Christophe describes three different types of countries regarding copyright in the media intelligence industry and shares his personal, ideal model. Furthermore, Christophe emphasizes on the importance of properly educating clients when it comes to copyright fees and explains what fair remuneration means. Last but not least, Christophe talks about the future of copyright.

AMEC Global Summit 2023 - Call for Speakers now open

We are looking for world-class communicators, thought leaders, innovators, thinkers, and presenters for the in-person AMEC Global Measurement Summit in Miami, Florida, May 15-17, 2023. The 2023 event theme is ‘From Vanity to Value: Demonstrating the impact of pr and comms’.

All selected speakers will be notified by February 28th. Regardless of the panel decision regarding your submission, we hope to see you at the 2023 AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation of Communications on May 15-17, 2023.

Submit your 2023 speaker nomination here.

Early early bird registrations are now open for delegates with a significantly lower price held at our 2022 Summit prices only available until January 6, 2023 – You can book at this incredibly low price below, prices will increase from January 2023.

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