Using AI for intelligent media monitoring

Technology has advanced to the point where we are employing AI-powered technologies to streamline tasks like media monitoring and crisis management. Generative AI systems have become extremely good at generating images, creating music and videos and composing text on almost any topic with impressive results.

Regarding text generation, Large Language Models (LLMs) are systems derived from massive data sets of human conversations that have reached such a level of maturity that are now being deployed for beta use by millions of people around the world (check ChatGPT from Open AI). These systems have reached a level of sophistication where they are able to produce in-depth analysis of millions of social media postings and offer access to clever, actionable insights with a single click of a button.

Using AI for intelligent media monitoring_benefits of AI

Businesses refusing to embrace digitization and AI will struggle to keep up with competition. The volume of relevant data in media monitoring requires modern tech-based solutions which will allow for generating actionable insights at an accelerated pace. Media intelligence combines media and AI technologies and thus AI is here to help businesses become far more data-driven, streamline their workflows and increase their efficiency.

DataScouting’s MediaScouting Core has been designed to help companies improve their media monitoring workflow and use their data for deeper analysis and reporting in order to be more proactive.

MediaScouting Core helps MMO companies, organizations, enterprises, government bodies to:

  • Ingest any amount of data and provide online/social, broadcast, and print data to your clients with unlimited archiving capabilities.
  • Understand real time news, understand underlying trends (key drives and competitors) and foresee future threats.
  • Reduces the time spend on sourcing relevant information with a powerful dashboard.
  • Makes workflow easier by automating the entire process into custom systems.

Comes with a number of sophisticated AI modules combined with human expertise (such as natural language processing, automated reporting, sentiment analysis – click here for more AI modules.

Using AI for intelligent media monitoring_benefits of AI_MediaScouting Core

To gain a deeper understanding of how MediaScouting Core actually works, just click here and sign up for a free demo. Check out all our media monitoring software solutions:

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