Ad Monitoring, the new tool for print advertisements by DataScouting

MediaScouting Print - Ad Monitoring

MediaScouting Print – Ad Monitoring

DataScouting completed successfully the implementation and integration of Ad Monitoring, the new tool for monitoring the success of advertisements in print media. Ad Monitoring helps companies and organizations, and especially advertising and PR agencies, as well as media monitoring companies, to track, record and measure their advertising placements, those of their competitors and other brands, in newspapers and magazines.

DataScouting’s special software helps identify and match together different advertisements alerting the user to old and especially new placements while at the same it can calculate the value of an advertisement. With the use of advertising rate cards, the Ad Monitoring software automates the procedure of measuring the print ad value, while recognizing and analyzing the different ad placements giving users the ability to estimate the advertising budget of competitors. Moreover, Ad Monitoring allows users to have an overview of the largest buyers of advertising across print media as it comes with analysis of the advertising activity of competitor products.

Ad Monitoring is the latest entity integrated into the MediaScoutign Print platform that offers a complete solution for the monitoring of print media with analysis and reporting tools.

If you would like a free demonstration of Ad Monitoring, go to our demo form.

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