AMEC Global Summit 2021 – Proud Gold Sponsor

We are happy to be, once again, a Gold Sponsor of the AMEC Global Summit 2021.

The AMEC Global Measurement and Evaluation Summit is a two-day professional development program, for attendees from around the world. It is an opportunity to be immersed in best practice of communication measurement and evaluation, including research, analysis and actionable insights from a line-up of international speakers.

Delegates will explore best practices encompassing communication accountability: planning, purpose and proof.

The AMEC Global Summit will be held in virtual format, from 26 to 27 May, and it is being powered by Intrado Studio.

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Top reasons why to visit our virtual booth

The AMEC Global Summit embraces also technology, and delegates will be able to explore best practices across the communications funnel, including innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning.

DataScouting is a software research and development company, specialized in media monitoring solutions for communicators. Our platforms minimize time and effort needed to search and find actionable information across all media – broadcast, online, social, and print. Using text analytics and automatic classification, speech and optical character recognition, ad monitoring, logo and face detection, we help media monitoring companies and organizations streamline their workflow, create a database of media intelligence information, and share content. Our dashboards allow PR and media monitoring organizations to present content, visualize analytics, and create reports.

  • News Monitoring: identify relevant news quickly, using OCR, speech recognition, close caption extraction, news ticker extraction.
  • Ad monitoring: track and annotate advertisements.
  • Data augmentation: logo and face detection, digital on-screen graphic recognition.
  • Text analytics: automatic machine translation, automatic sentiment analysis, automatic summarization.
  • Dashboard: multi-platform content delivery.

And there is more we can talk about, so visit our booth and let’s discuss your needs. We will demonstrate how you can stream-line your media monitoring workflow using our Suite.

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AMEC Badge Session: What in media measurement and evaluation really can be machine learnable?

We will be speaking at a special AMEC Summit badge session. Our Data Scientist, Christina Tzogka, will be joining a panel of data scientists, discussing what data scientists and machine learning experts face when they enter the PR and marketing measurement and evaluation industry, what are the most common questions they are being asked, what are the problems they aim to solve, which are the low-hanging fruits, and which are the most complex challenges for algorithms and predictive models.

The key takeaways include:

  • Easy vs. hard tasks for machine learning in media measurement context?
  • What data is good data?
  • Where to put the human in the loop?

AMEC Summit 2021_badge session on Machine Learning

Reach out to find more about the DataScouting Media Monitoring Software.

Check our other media intelligence software solutions.

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