DataScouting on a business mission at CERN

Technopolis Cluster delegates at CERN

Technopolis Cluster delegates at CERN

DataScouting participated in a business mission of the Technopolis Cluster at CERN headquarters in Geneva, on 23-24 January.

Representatives of 15 members of the Technopolis Cluster, including DataScouting founder Mr Stavros Vologiannidis, were part of the initiative to sign a cooperation protocol with CERN. The protocol will allow the transfer of CERN knowhow to companies in the Central Macedonia Region in northern Greece that are involved in innovation and new technologies. The protocol will further allow Central Macedonia university students to attend CERN seminars in Geneva and local businesses to submit bids in CERN procurement tenders.

CERN and the Thessaloniki Technopolis have already signed a four-year cooperation agreement to set up a Business Incubation Centre, using CERN technology to create new products and services.

The Technopolis Cluster was formed in June 2016 and counts 31 members, including DataScouting. The founding members of the Technopolis Cluster have total turnover of EUR 357 million with a staff of more than 3000 people, while they export to more than 25 countries.

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