Hackathon Serres 5 – Proud Sponsor

Hackathon Serres is back again and we are happy to be, once again, a sponsor. The 5th series  of Hackathon Serres,  6-7 May, is organized by Serres Tech Community and the Department of Computer, Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering of the International Hellenic University-Serres Campus.

This year’s theme is Algorithms in Practice. The main objective is the development of open-source applications of data analyzing algorithms aiming at solving real problems with realistic data. Working teams will be asked to display:

  • Algorithm implementations
  • Pattern recognition
  • Functional programming
  • Execution speed and performance
  • Code optimization
  • Code testing
  • User Interface (UI) design

Our team with Nikolaos Mauropoulos and Achilleas Naoumidis will be at Hackathon Serres 5 to share their passion for technology with other contestants and may the best win. Awards will be given to winning teams as well as a discount in tuition of the Program of Postgraduate Studies in Applied Informatics and Robotics.

As a software company, DataScouting is supporting Hackathon Serres and our team is backed by talented people who have graduated from the department. We have an active R&D department that focuses on managing, processing and augmenting textual and audiovisual streams in order to transform them to actionable information via our in-house build media intelligence platforms.

Hackathon Serres 5_ Proud Sponsor_DataScouting

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