EuropeanaTech 2023 – here we come

We are attending the EuropeanaTech 2023 conference that is taking place this week, 10 to 12 October, in The Hague, in Netherlands. Eva Katrinaki, our Library Information Systems Officer, will be there to Explore, Engage and Experience the cultural heritage in the data space and beyond.

The fourth edition of EuropeanaTech puts the spotlight on tech. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experts, developers and researchers from the R&D sector and explore all the new developments and technologies that will support the growth of the data space for cultural heritage. Join the 100 speakers as they are touching on many of the diverse topics relevant to the EuropeanaTech community.

The programme offers a wide variety of formats and topics to engage with: keynotes, innovative presentations, workshops, multiple lightening talks and over 40 sessions offering new insights and knowledge. Topics include digital collections infrastructure to linked open data; from AI to 3D; from heritage to multilinguallity.

The conference is for all tech-minded professionals, developers, researchers and students working in and around digital cultural heritage across the globe and looking to explore the challenges and opportunities that topics like AI and 3D bring to the sector.

EuropeanaTech 2023 is organized in collaboration with the EuropeanaTech community, the Europeana Network Association’s community of experts from the R&D sector.

Since 2015, DataScouting has a dedicated department for Libraries, Archives and Museums. Following the very latest technologies and implementing innovative solutions DataScouting provides Libraries and Information Centers, Archives and Museums and other cultural heritage organizations with tools to empower both staff and users.

Our solutions and services help organizations and institutions to make their collections accessible to the world and preserve the cultural heritage through interoperability with cultural content aggregators, such as Europeana and SearchCulture. The tools we develop, enrich information and digital content, using optical character recognition, AR & VR technologies, unified search capabilities and enhanced viewing software.

We are participating in different events as we constantly seek in learning and exploring all the latest trends, developments and technologies related to the GLAM sector. You can view other events we have participated in as well as projects we have delivered in Greece and abroad.

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