FIBEP Tech Day 2019 – “Who let the developers out”

The FIBEP Tech Day was a great opportunity for developers to meet in Prague and discuss new standards, products and latest technologies.

The dedicated tech workshop was hosted at the Newton Media Prague office. Over thirty CEOs, CIOs and CTOs discussed about data transmission standards, the new role of social media as a business platform, how important it is to choose the right technical partner and the significance of research.

FIBEP Tech Day, Prague 2019

DataScouting presenting its software media monitoring solutions for print and broadcast

The program started with company presentations (MediaTrack, DataScouting, Zissor AS and >>OBSERVER<< GmbH Austria) that focused on different technologies. DataScouting presented its software solutions for media monitoring (print and broadcast), logo detection and ad monitoring. In the afternoon, Talkwalker and Infomedia A/S led the social media workshop.

Having the right technological partner on your side makes all the difference. Sebastjan Hribar, Deputy CEO at Klipping  (part of Newton Media Group), shared the company’s journey towards technological externalization.

Last but not least, it would not be the right tech day without research. Priberam Portugal presented the results of Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation project. In collaboration with the Deutsche Welle and the BBC, Priberam developed a platform capable of dealing with large volumes of data across many languages and different media types.

FIBEP Tech Day, Prague 2019. Picture Credit @_FIBEP

FIBEP Tech Day, Prague 2019. Picture Credit @_FIBEP

The FIBEP Tech Day follows the previous MITT version, with the last one taking place in Vienna in 2016.  The FIBEP Tech Day is an essential event that brings into a single room technology specialists and media intelligence experts.

 “The party was nice, the party was pumping…and everybody having a ball” … these are the lyrics to the song “who let the dogs out” by Baha Men Sorry that make the perfect ending for this article. The location for the 2020 Tech Day has not been announced yet, but we already look forward to it.

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