Gold Sponsor of IEEE Hellenic Students and Young Professionals Congress 2021

DataScouting was happy to be Gold Sponsor of the 6th IEEE Hellenic Students and Young Professionals Congress (HSYP) that took place this weekend (20-21st of November). This year the Congress was organized by the IEEE Greece Section and it was held in a virtual format due to the on-going pandemic. More than 100 students and young professionals attended the Congress.

The HSYP Congress takes place every two years in Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Israel and refers to students, young graduate engineers, and members of the IEEE. It includes talks and discussions and aims at the exchange of ideas and experiences between the participants, the conclusion of collaborations, the appropriate training, and the supply of the members of the student branches for the organization of their local actions but also the information of the new engineers for the needs of the labor market. The Congress’ impact is of great importance for the IEEE organization’s further development.

As Gold Sponsor of the 6th IEEE Hellenic Students and Young Professionals Congress, DataScouting’s Managing Partner, Tom Avramis, delivered a presentation about Why media monitoring matters and the use of new technologies. Tom

  1. explained what is media monitoring, why it matters to brands, and who is using media monitoring;
  2. outlined the basics of media intelligence and insights (monitoring and analysis combined);
  3. described how media monitoring is done and what kind of technologies DataScouting is using as part of its MediaScouting Suite for print, broadcast, online and social media; and
  4. discussed with participants about the future technology challenges in media intelligence (GPT-3, deepfakes, online video, 5G rollouts, disinformation, fact-checking, subscription-based networks, content behind paywalls).

Participants were keen on hearing from Tom what kind of talent skills is DataScouting looking for, what is DataScouting’s tech stack and kind of projects is the team working on.

DataScouting is a software research and development company specialized in developing innovative solutions for media monitors, PR agencies, publishers, broadcasters, brand owners and market analysis specialists. Using Machine Learning technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Automatic Speech Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, Logo and Face Recognition and Data Mining, DataScouting provides intelligent solutions for managing and delivering of broadcast, print, online and social media. Our MediaScouting platforms are designed to track news insight, monitor advertisements, identify logos, and comes as a 360° solution with archiving, multi-form delivery, sentiment analysis, reporting, alerting, and a dashboard for easy access anywhere, anytime. DataScouting also provides digital convergence solutions and services to cultural heritage organizations, such as libraries, archives and museums. Last but not least, DataScouting has an active R&D department focusing on managing, processing and augmenting textual and audiovisual streams in order to transform them into Actionable Information. DataScouting is a member of global organizations FIBEP (World Media Intelligence Association), AMEC (International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications) and NEM (New European Media), while in Greece, DataScouting is member of Technopolis AI Cluster and Innovative Design Cluster.

6th IEEE Hellenic Students and Young Professionals Congress_DataScouting Gold Sponsor

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