News monitoring: best-fit solution with News Insight

Οur MediaScouting Suite comes with News Insight, a complete solution for news monitoring from print, online, social media, TV and Radio.

News Insight is an ideal solution for media monitoring companies that need to process news information and have a small budget but want to scale.

The MediaScouting platform combines leading-edge technology and human editorial tools to track company mentions, products, brands or competitors, and provides actionable information to make data-driven decisions.

Best-fit solution for news monitoring, with:

  • Automatic topic detection, article categorization, and clip-to-customer assignment;
  • Entity detection and sentiment analysis metadata;
  • Multi-search filters, highlighted, advanced search queries, automatic word lemmatization;
  • Scalable to process millions of daily news items and thousands of hours of audiovisual content;
  • Reporting tools: create print, broadcast and online/social reports.

News Insight is enriched with efficient modules:

  • Ticker and subtitle extraction: automatically extract news tickers and subtitles, and converts them into searchable text;
  • Speech-to-text: multiple languages, real-time, custom training to enhance the accuracy;
  • Audio processing: ad and speaker identification;
  • Translation: automatic multilingual translations of spoken text fast and easy;
  • Delivery: deliver content via an online dashboard, email, WhatsApp, alerting.

Our MediaScouting Suite is used is used by MMOs, PR and Ad companies, government bodies and other organizations for their daily media monitoring needs.

News Insight - best-fit solution for news monitoring

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