DataScouting at the DEVit Conference

George Patlakoutzas, Junior Software Developer at DataScouting

George Patlakoutzas, Junior Software Developer at DataScouting

By George Patlakoutzas, Junior Software Developer at DataScouting

DataScouting attended the DEVit Conference that took place in Thessaloniki on the 15th of May 2015. It was impressively overcrowded with 12 speakers and 2 tracks of continuous talks.

DEVit is a 360° Web Development Conference, a great place to learn about the latest trends and techniques for Frontend, Backend, DevOps and Security and meet experts, evangelists, and masterminds!

Here are my five top takeaways from DEVit.

Integration Testing from the Trenches
It is important to test all the components of an application put together instead of just test them separately. However, both integration and unit testing are important and must co-exist. So, in order to produce a bug free application we need to run both types of tests.

The Future of Responsive Web Design: Web Component Queries
Web Component Queries (i.e. Shadow DOM encapsulation, Custom Elements and HTML Imports) are an interesting addition to current standards, since media queries are kind of inadequate in achieving both a browser and a user friendly responsive design.

Your Service is not REST
Impressed to hear that many sites claiming to be based on REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture do not actually satisfy the requirements their inventors had set; this actually caused quite confusion among developers. Evidently views differ when it comes to what REST really is and it is definitely a subject that requires further research to understand perfectly.

Your Web Stack Would Betray You In An Instant
Do not be fooled. There are many security flaws in each layer of a web stack that an attacker could take advantage of, in order to invade a web server. Since no platform is 100% secure, this talk shed some light on methods to use in order to be better protected from hacking attempts.

Getting started with Meteor
Since I have been thinking of switching to Javascript for some time now, I believe Meteor will really make things a lot smoother for me as it is more of an application builder like the ones I am used to, plus it is really easy to set up and get started with.

So, that is most of my DEVit experience… I am really looking forward to implementing all the new technologies I have learned about in my future web applications.

(You can see more on Twitter, #devitconf)

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