DStorage – if you want to get the most from your system


Open design, open source storage server

DStorage is a cost-effective, reliable and easy to use solution for storage and archiving that can help you leverage your storage resources.  It provides the ease of use, storage capacity, high density, speed and reliability in the most cost effective manner. The overall design is not only compact (4U), it is also mature due to user feedback. DataScouting utilizes custom cables on modular power supplies to minimize cluttered wiring and facilitate air circulation.

Here are the Top 5 features of DStorage you should know:

  • Open design, open source storage server
  • Efficient, fast and reliable
  • Statistics and graphs
  • Alerting system for error detection
  • Lightweight file system creation

And there is more to it. For more features and technologies of DStorage click here.

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You can find out more about DataScouting’s software and hardware solutions here.

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