DataScouting at the PDLN Conference in Athens

PDLN Athens

DataScouting participated in the Annual Conference of PDLN (Press Database and Licensing Network) that took place in Athens, from 4 to 6 June. The theme of this year’s conference was “Building bridges; connecting global business and global media”. Mrs Sophia Karakeva, Marketing and Communications Executive at DataScouting and currently a FIBEP Vice President, was invited as a speaker to represent FIBEP (world’s media intelligence federation). Together with Jerry Ward, the Founder and Managing Director of Press Data in the UK, who is a Board Member of AMEC (International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication), they delivered a speech about the latest trends and developments in media monitoring and evaluation markets and how these are likely to affect media monitoring and evaluation services and the PDLN members.

Sophia Karakeva speaking at the PDLN Conference in Athens

Sophia Karakeva speaking at the PDLN Conference in Athens

More than 50 delegates from different countries around the world took part at the PDLN conference in Athens. The conference was organized in co-operation with OSDEL, the Greek Collecting Society for Literary Works. OSDEL is a PDLN member since 2014.

The objective of PDLN is promoting the market of international press reviews. PDLN aims to protect and promote the interest of publishers in the digital age in relation to press cutting and media monitoring services by fostering effective links between publisher bodies, users and intermediaries. PDLN was founded in 2008 and currently counts 29 members in 20 countries.

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