TV advertising is effective only with the right tool

Broadcast ad monitoring

For years I have been hearing that TV is dead or that it is threatened by digital streaming services like Netflix, YouTube or Amazon. I agree that the evolution has been challenging, but I disagree with those who claim that there is no future for TV any more.

Just take a look at the scale of TV to understand that it continues to be a vital channel for viewers and it remains central to advertisers, marketers, PR professionals and communication experts. So no, TV is not dead. On the contrary; it has evolved in a challenging media landscape.

TV is still relevant – even to generation Z and millennials – and it is retaining its title in advertising. So regardless of its age, TV advertisements still score among the top three sources of brand/product discovery among viewers/consumers. And TV advertising has now become even more affordable for brands given that ad prices on Google and Facebook continue to rise.

So with brands shifting their spend back to traditional TV advertising, they need the right tool to track their campaigns and get real insights. Therefore, they need a comprehensive tool that:

  • Works in real time
  • Aligns the instance of the advertisements to the original
  • Tracks different versions of advertisements
  • Automatically recognizes brand mentions using speech-to-text technology
  • Supports an archive with all the metadata
  • Creates reports about competitive spending
  • Monitors and compares categories, products, brands, markets
  • Analyzes pricing policies and brand positioning

DataScouting’s MediaScouting Broadcast covers all those features for advertisement monitoring and supports even more, such as news insight and logo detection.

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