Programmatic is everywhere: all channels, all media

Programmatic is addressable to all media types (paid, owned, and earned) and to all media channels (mobile, video platforms, and TV/cable). Programmatic media buying is quickly becoming a mainstream marketing tool. Why? Media buying becomes simpler and more effective through digital interfaces; targeting the right audience is far more sophisticated and precise; it takes less time and it is more effective; and it comes at the right price.

As consumer behavior is becoming more and more digital and increasingly mobile, the traditional campaign approach will no longer be suitable in the new multi-screen reality, which is already blurring the lines between media channels. It is projected that one third of European online video advertising revenue will be generated programmatically by 2017. Advertising channels will be accessible through programmatic channels making ads more relevant as the future is about one-to-one impressions, not mass demographics.

No argue, programmatic has become a new buzzword. A recent research by AppNexus, IAB Europe and WARC, showed that 89% of respondents believe that programmatic will either be dominant or very important in the future of digital advertising. Still, only 42% of the respondents said they had a programmatic strategy citing significant obstacles to embracing it (lack of knowledge, skill-sets and budgets).

Acknowledging such obstacles, could media monitors become programmatic partners for brands? I believe they could, with a proactive programmatic approach that promises brands and agencies more efficient ways to improve customer engagement, enhance media buying efficiency, and achieve better performance from their digital campaigns.

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