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Newsletter: October 2022                                                            

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Top qualities you should be looking for in a media intelligence dashboard

The main objective of every company is to make / build great products. But defining “great” can be a highly subjective exercise. At DataScouting we believe that if we want to be successful as a team, it is important to ensure that we all share the same definition of greatness, and we all work from the same playbook.

With that in mind, we took a look at the dimensions that are considered to make a media intelligence dashboard a great product for media monitoring companies, media and PR agencies, advertisements companies, government bodies, and comms departments, and we measured them against the qualities of our MediaScouting Core.

Media intelligence and the role of web data
By Sophia Karakeva, Chief Communications Officer at DataScouting

I met Yafit Lazar, Content and Communications Manager at, at the 2022 FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress that was held in Dublin, Ireland, 14-16 September. was a sponsor and exhibitor at the event. We had the opportunity to talk about FIBEP and the media intelligence industry and shortly after the WMI Congress we did this interview, which is available on LinkedInFacebookTwitterYouTube and the Webz Insider.

These are some of the highlights of my interview with Yafit.

  • FIBEP and the role of technology
  • The biggest technological challenges of media intelligence companies
  • Media intelligence companies and data collection challenges
  • The role of web data providers in the media intelligence ecosystem

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Public Central Library of Larissa: installation, customization and enrichment of the DSpace Digital Repository successfully completed

The scientific team of DataScouting successfully carried out the project for the installation, customization and enrichment of the Digital Repository DSpace in the Public Central Library of Larissa.

The main objective of the project was the development of a digital repository information system, structured in accordance with the Dublin Core international digital documentation description standard as well as fully compatible with the “Good Practices and Specifications of Interoperability and Quality for the Online Distribution of Digital Cultural Content” and the  “Basic interoperability specifications for the inclusion of collections in the National Aggregator of Digital Cultural Resources” of the National Documentation and Electronic Content Centre.

FIBEP Media Intelligence Podcast: Episode 6 with Rania Wazir about Ethical AI

In the 6th FIBEP Media Intelligence Explained episode hosts talk with Rania Wazir, mathematician, co-founder and CTO of about Ethical AI. The interview has been split into two parts, and you are now listening to Part I, where Rania talks about the broad term of Artificial Intelligence and explains what ethics got to do with AI. Furthermore, Raina talks about the lack of quality checks when producing AI systems, who is responsible for using it, and outlines the questions we should be asking. She shares her views about what it means to be innovative. She talks about the failure of algorithms in the media (and in particular the efforts to control hate speech and disinformation) and highlights the use of automation vs human intelligence. In Part II, Rania with hosts Alicja and Vlado will talk about AI and regulation.

AMEC Global Communication Effectiveness Awards Ceremony and Dinner 2022

The AMEC Awards Ceremony and Dinner will take place on 17 November at BMA House in London from 18.30 GMT. BOOK NOW to enjoy an evening with peers and colleagues across the industry.

Sophia Karakeva, Chief Communications Officer, who is also a member of the AMEC International Board of Directors and chairs the Tech Hub Special Interest Group, has been asked to join the judging panel and judge this year the AMEC Measurement and Evaluation Awards.

The AMEC Awards is a global awards programme for communications measurement. Now in its 20th year, the Awards aims to recognise and celebrate exceptional work and showcases the importance of research, measurement, insights and analytics.

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