Choosing a media monitoring software, Part II

From Print to Broadcast

DataScouting Broadcast

DataScouting Broadcast

In Part I we introduced the MediaScouting Print as a powerful and cost-effective solution for the monitoring of print media. In this article, we will stress out the importance of monitoring TV and Radio and how our MediaScouting Broadcast software can help you streamline the workflow with business automation and process innovation.

TV is still king as it still dominates world media use. Worldwide, TV viewing remains the single biggest media activity. On average, 2.58 hours per day are consumed globally, according to London-based GlobalWebIndex’s recent Media Consumption Report. That is 23% of total time spent on the media. TV has a significant impact in how consumers make decisions.

Choosing the right broadcast monitoring solution for your business is not always easy. Being in the media monitoring industry for over a decade, we have a strong understanding of monitoring needs. The MediaScouting Broadcast solution has been designed to address the specific TV and Radio monitoring needs of any company.

MediaScouting Broadcast makes broadcast media monitoring easy. It combines three strong features that provide an operating leverage:

  • 0% start up cost with SaaS
  • +60% productivity with business automation
  • 100% future growth as it scales seamlessly

MediaScouting Broadcast is a ROBUST solution for media monitoring:

  • Retrieval, management, archiving of recorded TV, Radio and IP streams & alerting subsystem for real time results.
  • Open architecture guarantees easy access to your data.
  • Benefit from automatic speech recognition supporting 15 languages and automatic translation to many others.
  • User defined tags can be created and manually assigned to different clips for categorization.
  • Statistical analysis of traffic usage and customer views as well as sentiment analysis per query.
  • Text mining, Natural Language Processing and Automatic Speech Recognition are just some of the technologies under the hood of MediaScouting Broadcast.

And there is still more to tell: MediaScouting Broadcast supports

  • 15 ASR languages, including right to left scripts and guarantees success rates up to 99%
  • Real-time results with 2-7 min delay from broadcast
  • 10% of original size
  • Dynamic and easy to sue administrative interface to monitor customer accounts
  • Keyword search with advanced queries and automatic word lemmatization
  • Get connected anytime, anywhere, using your tablet or smartphone

So, if you are an established company that needs robust and versatile technological solutions to optimize your service to your clients and minimize your costs, or if you are trying to start a new media monitoring company and want to overcome technological challenges and economic hurdles, or if you need a partner that can provide high quality, state-of-the-art, cost effective software solutions, we at DataScouting can help you address all your media monitoring needs and help you increase your productivity while decreasing the cost of production.

Start with a demonstration to explore the power and ease of MediaScouting Broadcast. If you got a question about our solutions, get in touch.

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