Choosing media monitoring software, Part I

The ease of Print Monitoring

Shaping what the media are going to say starts by knowing what they are saying. Companies can stay on top of the coverage that matters to them with comprehensive media monitoring, that we all know.

But why is print monitoring still so important? That’s easy to answer, and let’s start with a primary fact: Newspapers are not dead, despite the transformation that has taken place in the industry and the growth of digital media. There is still desire for the editorial content. So, there is no doubt, that newspapers still play a significant role in consumers’ lives.

As long as companies will need to track their coverage, media monitoring is the right tool. How to choose the right one? You should start with a partner you trust: experienced and specialized in media monitoring with a powerful, cost-effective solution.

MediaScouting Print makes print media monitoring easy. It combines three strong features that provide an operating leverage:

  • 0% start up cost with SaaS: MediaScouting Print is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) covering media monitoring needs in a robust, scalable and automated way, reducing administration, workflow costs and IT maintenance.
  • +60% productivity with business automation: MediaScouting Print reduces costs, complexity and training while increases information availability and provides real time results, in-depth analysis and high quality of services.
  • 100% future growth as it scales seamlessly: MediaScouting Print suite offers an agile, high quality and cost effective service of media monitoring and analysis.

MediaScouting Print is the SMART solution for media monitoring:

  • Scales to process hundreds of press publications every day
  • Manages automated and semi-automated production lines for digitizing, archiving, retrieving and analyzing press media
  • Available as SaaS or as a standalone platform, guaranteeing small initial investment
  • Robust and advanced query system with live translations, automated result clustering and sentiment analysis
  • Technologically advances and most accurate feature rich platform for article processing, customer retrieval, advanced management and alerting system.

And there is still more to tell: MediaScouting Print supports

  • 189 languages, including right to left scripts and guarantees success rates up to 99%
  • Automatic topic detection and customer assignment
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Flexible, multi-way distribution

So, if you are an established company that needs robust and versatile technological solutions to optimize your service to your clients and minimize your costs, or if you are trying to start a new media monitoring company and want to overcome technological challenges and economic hurdles, or if you need a partner that can provide high quality, state-of-the-art, cost effective software solutions, we at DataScouting can help you address all your media monitoring needs and help you increase your productivity while decreasing the cost of production.

Start with a demonstration to explore the power and ease of MediaScouting Print. If you got a question about our solutions, get in touch.

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