Taking over the global software market with Technopolis Cluster

Technopolis Cluster

The Technopolis Thessaloniki organized an event to announce the launch of the “Technopolis Cluster” – “lndustry Led Software Development Cluster of Thessaloniki”.

The “Technopolis Cluster” has 31 founding members, including DataScouting. In detail, the Technopolis Cluster comprises of 23 highly dynamic ICT companies, four leading Academic and Research Organizations, the Association of ICT Business of Northern Greece, two innovation consultancy companies and an IPR expert office.

 The figures are impressive: the founding members of the Technopolis Cluster have total turnover of EUR 357 million with a staff of more than 3000 people, while they export to more than 25 countries.

As a founding member of Technopolis Cluster, DataScouting was present at the press conference that was held on the 14th of July at the Technopolis Thessaloniki, the first private Business Park in Greece, hosting knowledge-intensive companies. Prof. Joseph Sifakis outlined the goals of the Technopolis Cluster. Mr Sifakis is the founder of Grenoble-based software cluster, he is a member of the French Academy of Sciences and laureate of the 2007 Turing Award. The event also included presentations of the founding members, with DataScouting being represented by its founder, PhD. Stavros Vologiannidis.

The Technopolis Cluster will deploy a number of interconnected activities such as knowledge transfer towards the Cluster ICT companies; experimental development and demonstration of Cloud Computing applications; support in the commercial exploitation of RTD results; innovation consulting; cluster promotion and networking; sharing and purchase of infrastructure; support to the creation of spin- offs and spin-outs.

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