“The PR measurement industry is very peculiar, in that it accommodates new trends and opportunities”: Q/A with Philip Odiakose, Lead Consultant, P+ Measurement Services

Odiakose, Lead Consultant, P+ Measurement Services

Odiakose, Lead Consultant, P+ Measurement Services

Philip Odiakose, Lead Consultant at P+ Measurement Services, shares in this post his views on the metrics that should be part of every PR measurement program, examines if challenges like virtual reality or immersive journalism will affect measurement, explains why media monitoring provide enough measurement and analytics capabilities and and outlines where measurement and evaluation are heading.

Q: What metrics do you believe should be part of every PR measurement program?

PO: Competitive comparison, sentiment analysis, mechanical data (Publication analysis),message placement and penetration, share of Ink and share of Voice, journalist/spokesperson analysis, key influencer engagement, content analysis, key brand messages, active advocate, website traffic and lead sourcing are some of the key metrics we distil into statistics to help brands and companies understand their performance over a period of time.

Q: How do you see measurement being affected by challenges like virtual reality or immersive (business) journalism?

PO: The PR measurement industry is very peculiar, in that it accommodates new trends and opportunities. New technologies provide a brand new frontier of opportunities; the same way the advent of digital media provided a new platform for measurement, we are of the opinion that immersive journalism will not create a challenge but an avenue for fresh business for the measurement industry.

Q: Do media monitoring companies provide enough measurement and analytics capabilities?

PO: The real scope of our business is analytics and trend setting. We understand that most of our clients want to see coverage highlights before their day starts, which is one of our key deliverables as a PR measurement agency, but we are most concerned about the statistics, “the who’s”, “the what”, “the when” and “the what will happen next”; we want to be able to create avenues for our clients to predict their ongoing and upcoming objectives while using our actuarial knowledge to create insights for them.

Q: Where do you believe are measurement and evaluation heading?

PO: Measurements and evaluations are destined for top management capacities in blue chip companies; the creative strategy sessions and the processes of determining results. The future of the measurement industry is an industry where measurement consultants are called in during the planning phase to help determine a scope for how to measure results of their campaigns on all platforms from the start.

About Philip Odiakose, Lead Consultant, P+ Measurement Services
Philip Obtained a Professional membership certificate from the Institute of Operations Management of Nigeria and Associate membership from the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria, with various Professional training’s on PR Measurement, Media Monitoring, Media Research & Reporting, Online Crisis management, Market Research and Project Management.

Philip is a specialist in PR Measurement, Media monitoring, Media performance audit, Big data management, brand health analysis and he has almost a decade of expertise and experience in brand communications audit, online reputation management and in-depth media analysis.

Prior to starting P+ Measurement services, Philip worked on brands such as  South African Tourism (SAT), Diamond Bank Plc, MoneyGram, Heritage Bank, Cadbury, RenMoney (Formerly RenCredit), Nigeria Breweries, Campari, Chicken Republic, South African Airways (SAA), Blue Gate, AVON HMO, Tetmosol, Alpha Mead (AM) Facility & Management Services, OSMI (Broadcast Right Owner of World Cup in Nigeria) and Orange Academy through several agencies. He was also responsible for functions ranging from media analysis, media monitoring, media & market research, online reputation management and project management.

Over the years, Philip has been a proponent for the AMEC media measurement techniques and the Barcelona Principle now BP 2.0 that has been globally accepted by majority leading firms operating under the integrated marketing communications space.

You can reach Philp via email, follow him on Twitter, or discover more on LinkedIn.

P+ Measurement Services

P+ Measurement Services is the first indigenous Independent PR measurement agency in Nigeria that focus on delivering detailed Media Measurement, Evaluation and Analysis across the full spread of media channels.

Our senior team has years of combined global media measurement, media audit, media intelligence and big data management experience, which gives us a level of insight and authority that goes well beyond the norm in standard client/supplier relationships. Using the latest technology and human analysis techniques, we are able to provide unique actionable insights to allow companies develop effective communication strategies.

P+ Measurement Services deploys the P+MCA methodology (P+MCA: P+ Media Content Analysis), recognized as a commercial system for media content evaluation and analysis.

P+ Measurement Services is the first Nigerian Independent PR Measurement agency to become a member of AMEC.

For more about P+ Measurement Services, please visit their website, follow them on Twitter or learn more on LinkedIn.

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