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Newsletter: August 2021                                                            

Our regular e-newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with our work and all the latest developments in media intelligence, libraries, archives and museums, digital convergence, custom software & hardware, and research & development. 
Making media monitoring work for government bodies

Media monitoring is an increasingly important government service for any local, state or federal department. DataScouting, as a media monitoring software provider, is working with several government bodies around the world helping them cover their media intelligence needs and requirements.

Government monitoring of media

When it comes to government bodies, the common case is that they have their own in-house monitoring service that serves different departments. The service is used to:

  • improve emergency response;
  • cover defense initiatives / national security;
  • for law enforcement; and
  • disaster management.
Human-in-the-loop in Machine Learning

Series of mini-interviews about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is essential in analyzing the massive volumes of data, now available, and convert them into actionable information, knowledge and insights.

We are asking members of our team what is their perspective of Artificial Intelligence and its role related to ethics and trust, media intelligence industry, machine learning, and the core value proposition of AI tools for IT.

In #1 we asked Tom to tell us why is Artificial Intelligence Important and how can we build trust. In #2 we asked Sophia, to tell us about the role of Artificial Intelligence in the media intelligence industry. In #3 we are asking Christina Tzogka, our Data Scientist, to explain what is human-in-the-loop in Machine Learning.

Q: What are the challenges for artificial intelligence in media monitoring and measurement and how human and machine intelligence are combined?

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Government organization in Pakistan signs with DataScouting

DataScouting completed the installation of its Broadcast Media Intelligence Suite for a government organization in Pakistan. The Suite was installed on-premise and it is being used for analyzing selected inputs from more than 200 TV channels, and creating reports.

The government organization is using the following modules that were adjusted to their specific needs:

  • Face Recognition: it was trained to identify persons of interest appearing in TV streams.
  • Speech Recognition: it was parametrized to recognize the Urdu language with a minimal word error rate.
  • News ticker extraction: the module extracts and makes searchable news tickers that appear either at the bottom or at the top of the page. The news ticker extractor supports English and Urdu.
  • Digital on-screen graphic recognition: this a new module that was introduced by the DataScouting team, which automatically recognizes changes in TV stations logos.
  • Reporting: DataScouting’s powerful reporting engine was customized according to the specific preferences of the government organization.
Live interview
Exploring the Media Intelligence Business Ecosystem
FIBEP held a live interview on the 27th of August to discuss a new map tool developed by FIBEP as part of the Media Intelligence Business Ecosystem.

The interview was carried out by Romina Gersuni, FIBEP VP and Gloabl Strategy Manager at pressrelations, with Maria Laura Garcia, FIBEP President and CEO of GlobalNews Group. Laura outlined the new map tool and how it should be used for the development of our global community. 

AMEC is delighted to announce Sophia Karakeva, DataScouting and AMEC Board Director will Chair the Tech Hub Special Interest Group (SIG).

The Tech Hub (SIG) will be a community of AMEC members working together to further the adoption of new technology for measurement and evaluation of communication.

The Tech Hub in intending to start with a Technical Referral Asset project as priority.  This project aims at mapping AMEC members based on their specialization and getting their products and services in front of companies who are searching their solutions.

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