AMEC Awards 2020: shortlisted for Young Professional of the Year

The AMEC Awards 2020 shortlist has been announced, and we are proud to announce that our Chief Information Officer, Stavros Doropoulos, has been shortlisted.

Specifically, Stavros has been shortlisted for the Young Professional of the Year special award. This award recognizes the excellent work of young professionals in all areas of communication measurement who make a valuable contribution to the companies that they work for by providing excellent client services and by developing and driving business. Additionally, these individuals should show considerable promise as future leaders of the industry.

The nomination of Stavros reflects the immense value that he brings to DataScouting with his dedication and passion for technology, enabling us to become more agile, streamlined and flexible. He serves as a role model for others in our team, personally and professionally. His ethics and high moral standards have made him highly respected among clients and partners, while he is well accepted by industry experts and professionals.

The 2020 AMEC Awards are hosted by the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), and celebrate the work of leading communication and media intelligence specialist from all over the world. As a software company that specializes in media intelligence software solutions for media monitoring companies and organizations, we are proud to be a member of this global network.

Stavros Doropoulos, CIO at DataScouting, shortlisted for the AMEC Awards 2020 Young Professional of the Year


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