DataScouting presenting multimedia information management technologies at the 3rd SEPVE Members Forum

DataScouting attended the 3rd SEPVE Members Forum that took place in Thessaloniki from the 11th until the 12th of December, 2014.

Mr Anastasios Avramis, the Managing Director at DataScouting, presented at the Forum the best ways how to exploit multimedia management information technologies. DataScouting is a service provider and software developer for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) specializing in developing innovative solutions for media monitors, libraries, institutions, organizations and companies. Mr Avramis talked about technologies such as Optical Character Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Automatic Speech Recognition, Data Mining, Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery that constitute intelligent media solutions for managing the workflow of print, broadcast and information management.

SEPVE, is the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece. As a member of SEVPE, DataScouting follows the evolution of the information technology sector, we are active in the growth of the information society, we invest in technological research and development and we proceed to innovations.

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