Machine Learning in Measurement and Evaluation

AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation 2021 – Badge Session 

As part of its programme, the AMEC Global Summit on Measurement and Evaluation 2021 hosted a number of on-demand sessions. One of them was about Machine Learning and the role it plays when it comes to media measurement and evaluation.

What in media measurement and evaluation really can be machine learnable?

The panel consists of  data scientists working in the PR and marketing measurement and evaluation industry and they are discussing what data scientists and Machine Learning experts face when they enter the measurement and evaluation field, what are the most common questions they are being asked, what are the problems they aim to solve, which are the low-hanging fruits, and which are the most complex challenges for algorithms and predictive models.


  • Konstantinos Karakostas, Head of Machine Learning, Commetric
  • Christina Tzogka, Data Scientist, DataScouting
  • Michal Hrones, Head Innovation & Customer Care, NEWTON Media

Key takeaways include:

  • Easy vs. hard tasks for machine learning in media measurement context?
  • What data is good data?
  • Where to put the human in the loop?

The on-demand session was moderated by Sophia Karakeva, Chair of AMEC Tech Hub SIG and Chief Communications Officer at DataScouting. The on-demand session is available in the Intrado Platform that hosted the AMEC Global Summit. For more information you can contact

DataScouting was a Gold Sponsor of the AMEC Global Summit 2021. We have been a regular sponsor of AMEC Summits since 2015, when we became an AMEC Associate Member. We were also an exhibitor, showcasing our media monitoring software solutions. You can still visit our virtual booth in the Intrado Platform.

AMEC Summit 2021_badge session on Machine Learning

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