Fiesole Retreat Series 2022: Proud sponsor

“An informal meeting of leading library and information industry participants devoted to thinking through and debating the new world order in collection development”

We are happy to be a Sponsor of the Fiesole Retreat Series 2022. The event will take place in Athens, from 5th to 7th of April, at the National Library of Greece. For the first time, the Fiesole Retreat travels to Greece, and it will explore the current state of learning and scholarship in the age of digital initiatives, with the background of our shared rich cultural heritage. Entitled “Tradition Meets Innovation”, the meeting will focus on Cultural Heritage and the Challenges and Opportunities presented by new and emerging approaches, copyright and the effect of initiatives in the EU, as well as Open Access Monographs, Digital Humanities and Research Outputs in search of mutual understandings of opportunities for the scholarly enterprise.

Fiesole Retreat Series 2022: Proud sponsor

About Fiesole Retreat

This year’s meeting brings together four events: “Revitalizing the Curation of Humanities and Special Collections”, “Cultural Heritage: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities”, “Towards new publishing models – What’s next?” and “Delivering humanities scholarship”.

  • The “Revitalizing the Curation of Humanities and Special Collections” session is led and moderated by Giannis Tsakonas, Acting Director of the Library and Information Centre of the University of Patras, Greece. It will be held on Tuesday, 5th of April in the evening.
  • The “Cultural Heritage: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities” session is led and moderated by Ann Okerson from the Center for Research Libraries, USA. It will be held on Wednesday, 6th of April in the morning.
  • The “Towards new publishing models – What’s next?” session is led and moderated by Julien Roche, Director of Libraries and Learning centre of the University of Lille, France. It will be held on Wednesday, 6th of April in the evening.
  • The “Delivering humanities scholarship” session is led and moderated by Anthony Watkinson, Principal Consultant of CIBER Research, UK. It will be held on Thursday, 7th of April in the morning.

The Fiesole Retreat Series 2022 will be a combination of an in-person and hybrid format.

Libraries – Archives – Museums

Experienced in digital content and with best practices, we help libraries, archives and museums offer their users a new approach to information discovery.

Our services

  • Integrated Library Systems (ILS):
    • open-source software,
    • Koha implementation,
    • RFID implementation.
  • Institutional Repositories (IR):
    • DSpace or EPrints,
    • IIIF Viewer Implementation.
  • Collection Management Systems:
    • OMEKA and AtoM.
  • Meta-search engines:
    • VuFind – A library resource portal will enable your users to search all of your library’s resources from OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) to Institutional Repositories (IR) and any other Library Collections and Resources from a basic search box.

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Digital Convergence

With state-of- the-art equipment and software, talented people and technical expertise, we can handle any project regardless its size, budget or complexity.

Our services

  • Digitization:
    • MediaScouting Print
    • Print, Audiovisual or Digital Content
    • Full-text Search Capabilities
    • Data & Text Mining
  • Documentation / Metadata:
    • Dublin Core – METS – MODS – EAD
  • Consulting & Digital Convergence Software / Hardware
  • TV & Radio Preservation Software:
    • MediaScouting Broadcast
  • Digital Object Augmentation Services
  • Clipping Software:
    • OCR / ASR
    • JPEG / PDF Export using METS / ALTO or TEI

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About DataScouting

DataScouting is a service provider and software developer for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Since 2015, we have a dedicated department for Libraries, Archives and Museums. Following the very latest technologies and implementing innovative solutions DataScouting provides Libraries and Information Centers, Archives and Museums with tools to empower both staff and users.

Our solutions and services help organizations and institutions to make their collections accessible to the world and preserve the cultural heritage through interoperability with cultural content aggregators, such as Europeana and SearchCulture. The tools we develop, enrich information and digital content, using optical character recognition, AR & VR technologies, unified search capabilities and enhanced viewing software.

We are sponsors of IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations), LIBER (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche), KOHACON and Fiesole Retreat events.

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