A complete solution for Ad Monitoring in TV and Radio

Making ad monitoring easy to do it right!

Broadcast Advertisement Monitoring

Do you currently use technology to automatically monitor and identify TV and Radio advertisements? Are you thinking of outsourcing the process of ad monitoring? Would you like to have a single technology partner for your entire media monitoring process (print and broadcast, ads and news)?

MediaScouting Broadcast Ad Monitoring is ideal for advertisement monitoring, ad campaigns and audience measurement. It streamlines and automates the process of advertisement monitoring:

  • Automatically identifies advertisements with success rates up to 99.99%; aligns the instance of the advertisement to the original; and reports the exact number of seconds of appearance of the advertisement.
  • Automatically tracks different versions of advertisements.
  • Automatic recognition of brand mentions using speech to text technology.
  • Quickly annotate new advertisements with a hierarchy of metadata using a web interface and use back-search to find older versions of new advertisements.
  • Create an archive of decades of advertisement appearances, including all the metadata and thus offer your clients comparative historical reports. 

At the same time your clients will have a web based portal to access all the information they need in real time.

  • Create reports about competitive spending, including media usage data and spending estimates.
  • Monitor and compare categories, products, brands, markets.
  • Deliver proof of performance.
  • Analyze pricing policies and brand positioning.
  • Measure KPIs.
  • Evaluate the outcome of campaigns.

Based on proprietary technology, AdScouting can be integrated in any application via a RESTful API or SDK and can be used either as SaaS or as an on premise installation.

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